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If there is no spoon, what am I supposed to do with this soup?

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Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:Washington, United States of America
Mr. Velocipede is a fictional character. a rude lady.
...has all the colors of pens.
...does things that are little and fiddly.
...wants to know what's for lunch.

Interests (69):

air, airships, all-pervading luminiferous aether, atmospheric optics, avoiding jerks, awareness, balance, beads, bookbinding, breaking rose-colored glasses, chaos, clouds, cold-hearted robots, color, complexity, dead fish on rice, destructive forces of nature, dichroism, diffraction, double dactyls, dysphemism, electric tonalities, etymology, flying, fractals, geometry, giving the hairy eyeball, glass, hating fun, honesty, humorous lies, illumination, inanimate objects, informative placards, keeping bugs away, lenses, letterpress, light, limericks, machinery, molten things, mythology, nonsense, pattern recognition, paying attention, polyhedra, prisms, puns, reality, recreational impossibilities, refraction, shining trapezohedra, silence, single-word phrases, six-point type, spectra, spirograph, steam-pipes, steganography, stereograms, stones with inclusions, storms, sundogs, sunlight, symbolism, talking dirty to physicists, tea, the sky, weather
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