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All of a sudden it seems like the world is noticing me. Maybe all my piles of spirographs are starting to trickle out into the aether enough to find the right audience.

It's not actually all that much, yet. First I had a message from somebody in Italy, asking if I could ship the Scribbling-Engine there. I spent a bad couple of days trying to disentangle information from the US Postal Service's appallingly convoluted website, and was reaching a stage of acute breakdown. Fortunately, the Professor intervened; he's much better at wading through bureaucratic charts than I am. (And anyway it turns out that Ponoko will let me have the parts made in Italy, which makes the eventual shipping much more reasonable. Amazing.)

So while I was recovering from all that excitement, I got another message, this time from some official Ponoko person, who said they wanted to write about me on their blog. I got to answer a brief list of questions about how I found the site, and what kinds of things I make. Alas, the post doesn't actually have a direct link to my showroom, possibly because I didn't specifically mention it in my answers.

I did give them a link to my regular website, which is in the middle of some serious slash-and-burn updating. I'm trying to make it happen faster now, just in case anybody out there decides to follow the links. Aiieeee!

Date: 2010-10-14 06:08 am (UTC)
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That's exciting! I'm glad people are taking notice. (And hot damn on the Italy manufacture thing!)

Yet, the linkage problem is entirely Ponko's! They should automatically include a link to your showroom in their profile, like Etsy does. And then the user goes, "Ooh nifty! I wants me some of that," and is able to make a transaction right there, or maybe a click or two down the line at the most.

(Which is pretty much the whole point of profiling the site's artisans, right?)

Is there any way you can drop the editor a note for improvements to their blog?


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